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Half life 2 tips

Post by ZombieKoolaidMan on Tue Jun 03, 2008 4:51 pm

ok like the portal one i am going to put some helpfull tips about half life 2. but i have two sections weopons and gameplay.

1. the first weapon you get is the crowbar. now right after you get it you have to kill two guards with it. once you kill them you get a pistol. after geting the pistol, NEVER USE THE CROWBAR AGAIN UNLESS FOR PUZZLES OR AS A LAST RESORT!!! it sucks it just sucks..... well at least on guards.on the zombie level conserve ammo by using it on them wile they are on the ground if you dont have anything to pick up with the gravity gun.
2. the second weapon the pistol is pretty good. when you get later weapons it starts to loose its touch, but in the begining or if you want to conserve Ammo then its a good all round weapon. dont hold down the trigger button if you want rapid fire. press it repeatedly and you'll get very quick fire.
3. the third weapon is the SMG. now the SMG is actually two weapons in one. The first is a rocket launcher. You rarely ever use the rocket launcher component because there are'nt a lot of its ammo but it works the same as the grenades but on impact. The second part is the actual SMG. this one has only a little ammo in the begining, but later in the game it will become its primary weapon...... but save it for guards. try not to use it on zombies or jummpers.
4. Frag grenades. Basicly normal grenades. good for groups of guards, but i found somthing else. if you throw it into a grippers tounge, then it will try to eat it and it will explode in its face.
5. The Magnum Pistol is the fifth weapon that you get. of all the guns it packs the most punch in one hit. i can get one hit kills by shooting guards in the foot! the downside to it is that it has very little ammo and has a slow reload time.the max amo it can hold is 18 bullets including ones that are already in the gun.
6. the gravity gun is a sort of gun that helps you pick up certain objects/enemys and allows you to shoot them at other things. shoot bandsaws to slice enemies inhalf.
7. the shotgun is a gun that you get from father gregory in the zombie level. it does a good amount of damage and has good range..... but dont waste it on normal enemies. save it for long leged gripper zombies, or fast zombies that take multiple hits. the max amount to hold is 36 shells.
8.the pulse rifle is basically a suped up version of the SMG. it has more firepower, but less ammo. instead of launching a grenade as its secondary attack, it fires a large ball of energy that works as the grenade but larger blast radius, and fewer of them to be found.
9.the rocket launcher is a very powerfull, and amusing weapon. it only can hold 3 rockets at a time but they can be found aplenty in some parts. once you fire the rocket it follows werever you aim due to a laser pointer. this can be good or bad. it allows you to hit flying moving objects such as the gunnships or it can be bad if you end up going crazy with it and point it directly in front of you.
10.the crossbow is a great weapon that packs a punch. you can find almost no ammo whatsoever for it but its a great gun when you get it. its secondary attack is to use the scope and then fire zoomed in. bassicly what you fire are white hot metal rods at the enemy.
11.the bug bait.
this is my personally faverite weapon of all. it looks like a spiky ball with lights on it. it allows you to control antlions. if you want them to follow you, use the secondary attack button and gordon will squeeze the bug bait and they will responde by screeching. if you want them to go to a certain area, use the first attack button gordon will throw the bug bait and they will chase it. if you want them to go after a certain enemy, throw it at the enemy and they will attack it. if any of them die, just stand on some sand and some more will apear. i've only been able to get 4 at once so i dont know if you can get any more.
Game play
1. best way to beat guards.
Guards are the most common enemy in the game. they are also one of the easiest. the problom is they shoot back at you. when fighting guards first try and find cover. after that take pot shots at them with a gun of your choice. If you can try and get them to cluster together and throw a grenade at them. In the begining of the game you have to run from the guards. luckly fo you they are pretty stupid.
2. Hoppers
hoppers are little ailiens that hop around and try to grab your head and latch on like a parasite. they look like headless chickens and are pretty easy to kill on there own. the best way to do it is to just run around and shoot them with your pistol to conserve ammo. if you just want to get through it then you can just use a grenade or an SMG.
3. long legged hoppers are a pain in the but. they hit you and inject a nurotoxin that brings your health down to one. when it does this your suit injects a antidote into your system that brings your health back to its original. while it does this you are very vounerable. the best way to kill them is to use your crowbar to save ammo which takes one hit or if you have to use your smg.
4. Zombies
Zombies are what happens when a hopper gets a hold of a human. it latches onto the humans head, suffacates it, and then controls the body by sending impulse to the brain. so basicly they are Zombies. The Zombies usually show up in the radioactive waste dumps. they pop up out of the muck and charge at you. If any objects get into its way, it wacks it towards you. if the object hits you it take a chunk of health.if it gets to close it hits you over the head and takes out a chunk of health. The best way to kill it is to aim for the hopper on its head and shoot it a few times with the SMG.but in the level completely filled with zombies use your crowbar or better use the gravity gun to pick up buzzsaws and shoot them at the zombies middle to sever them inhalf.
5. flinger zombies have a few long legged hoppers on their person. if you are'nt close enough then they throw one of their hoppers at you. to beat them dodge the hopper and shoot them with your gun of choosing, or use the gravity gun and sever them inhalf with a buzzsaw.
6.fast zombies are realy scary. they are extremely fast (duh), they charge at you, back you in a corner and try to eat your face...... they cant climb ladders but they can climb water poles. they cant open doors but they can jump through windows or break through skylights. lucky for you, father gregory gives you a shotgun before they show up. shoot them with it or the SMG. absolutely do not let them push you off the roof.
PS all zombies cannot climb, other than the fast zombies.
7. Buzzsaw robots.
Buzzsaw robots are little flying robots that charge at you at have band saws that go around them. think of them like flies. and like flies they are pretty easy to kill, just hit them with the crowbar a few times or shoot them with the pistol.
8. Grippers.
Grippers are stationary aliens that let their tounges hang to the floor. if you run into the tounge it starts to pull you up and starts to eat you.
if that happens take your pistol/magnum, aim up, and repeatedly fire into its mouth. the best way to kill them is to take a flammable barrel and roll it into their tounge. after they grab it shoot it a few times, and it will explode in its mouth.
9. Helecopters.
the helecopters are only in one part of the game. the dam. when you go against it you are using the airboat. you have to shoot it down with your turret gun.it shoots at you with its turret and drops mines on you. after you get its health down a bit, it drops a dead pilots out of the helicopter.
10. gunships.
gunships are basicly their name. they are big,fast, and very stupid. they have pretty bad aim. what you want to do is aim the rocket launcher at them, track them with the aim, and just kill them like that. easy.
ant lions are very tough and very anoying. think of them as a mix between tremors, and praying mantises.Like the guards use your gun of chooing to kill them but i recomend the shotgun, the magnum, or the pulse rifle. they are pretty stupid, and easy to kill.

(i will write more tips as i 1 get farher into the game and 2 find out what else the enemies can do.) banana
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