Parentes Y media games

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Parentes Y media games

Post by ZombieKoolaidMan on Tue Jul 08, 2008 5:56 pm

now some parents hate video games with a Passion...... some love them almost as much as we do....... my mom cant decide which one to choose. first of all i can play any game up to T with no problem. My mom lets me play a few rated M games and i play a ton of them at mi freinds houses. but apparently she has a problem with mi playing assassins creed, y gears of freakin war!!!!! i was already traumatised by JP 3 when i was 7 nothing else is gonna realy scare me!!! and its not so much about the blood and gore she's worried about, it the language, when i''ve already heard all that is bad in Oblivion, Half life, and Resident freakin evil! so please post your parentes positions on video games.
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