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Half life 2

Post by ZombieKoolaidMan on Wed May 28, 2008 6:16 pm

It's kinda funny that I'm playing halflife two but not one...... Well I still am pretty far on it so I'll do a reveiw anyways.

I got halflife 2 in the orange box disk. The protagonist is Gordon Freeman, a scientist that used to bee apart of a earth resistance force Black Masa. I have'nt played the last game, but i think i get what happened last time. For some reason or another Gordon was supposed to blow a reacter up. well i'm guessing he got caught. see aleins have you know taken over earth, sort of like war of the worlds, and gordon is part of a resistance to stop it. The game was originally released for the PS2 (which i was amazed to find out.) but they mopped it up a bit and sent it to the PS3. there are many different weapons in the game, but you want to conserve ammo and run more often. Also a lot of 3-d puzzles for you tomb raider fanatics. Plenty of different enemies to. there are Guards that will shoot you with almost any weapon that you have, (exept the gravity gun) these sort of aleins that will hop around, tr and bite your head off, and look a bit like headless chickens.Thirdly are the unfortunet souls that get attacked by the headless chickens. They are sort of like zombies with the things on their heads.

Graphics 10: amazing detail and actual gravity fonctions. A huge amount of detail, and i could not beleive it first was for PS2.
Game Play 8: fun and exiting, and realy gets your blood rushing. The problem is that you can get stuck reeeeaaaaly easily.
Sound 9: Great music, and all the gunshots sound very realistic.
Overall 9: Great game, very fun, and i recommend it to anyone who can play a rated M game. Very Happy
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