Funny thing in portal.

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Funny thing in portal.

Post by ZombieKoolaidMan on Wed May 28, 2008 6:23 pm

Ok I'm close to the end of portal and here are the top five funniest parts of portal (at least thats what i think.)

5. Slaming into the wall from the portal.
4. chucking a machine gun droid through a portal from the ceiling.
3. when the computer tells you that there will be cake after the test.
2. After your close to the end and the computer says "oh were are you going?...... Ya remember the time when you were doing the tests and we pretended we were going to murder you?...... Helo?"
1. When your at the last place and the computer says "ok i'm going to kill you now.... and the cake is all gone, I ate it all."
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